different learning styles for young children

As an old [in all senses] Montessori teacher, I’ve got my biases on this topic but there’s some evidence to support it. This is the perspective:

I do not think human children have different learning styles. Here is why:

–We are an astounding species of mammal but we are mammals nonetheless. Do chimp infants have different learning styles? Do puppies, baby raccoons? They all play, watch their parents, try things.

–What Maria Montessori figured out about 80 years ago was that human children learn through their hands, by absorbing abstract ideas through concrete materials.

–The differences in learning style theory has been debunked. Here’s one article:  https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/mar/13/teachers-neuromyth-learning-styles-scientists-neuroscience-education-

–The apparent huge differences in children’s learning abilities can be attributed to the differences in very early learning experiences and more profoundly to the fears, tensions, and grief so many of our children carry.  We can help children by encouraging the laughter [without tickling], tears, and yes tantrums to unload those obstacles to clear-headed learning.

And have you read Patty Wipfler’s new book Listening?  The best.