Some thoughts on what our young children really need.

My perspective as a grandmother, former Montessori teacher, and student of evolution is this:

If we look at hunter gather societies and those early agricultural villages, what did the children have.

They had access to 20 or 40 adults of every age at most any time.

They had many children of all ages available for play, laughter, exploring, learning, comfort.

They had their parents and family working where the children could join them.

They had the tropical or temperate forest or hills or mountains with its waterways, rivers & streams and plants and insects and animals, a dynamic ever changing yet ordered .
environment always open to them.


What do our children in our world often have: one set of parents off to work; a caregiver; a house with some games, TV, computer, an outdoor world full of roads and cars.

I do believe that at least some of the struggles our children have are due to this deprivation of human interaction and the intensely interesting environment that our brains evolved in.

Other than ending a society based on economic equality, the proliferation of material goods, and the isolation of families, we can just do the best we can. But I DO look forward to a society of closely knit neighborhoods, the great reduction in use of cars & roads & parking, and the increase in the safety and beauty of the human world.

Some communities are already working on it. These are some articles about some of them if you want to read more:

and for the really serious:


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