What Trump needs

I am convinced that everyone without exception is eager to do right, to think well, and to connect to others. Donald Trump is no exception. Due to the harshness in his early life, the bad information he’s absorbed, and his owning class life style, his actual impact on the world has been the disaster we see.

Surrounded by people of his choosing as deluded as he is, there’s no way for him to gain insight or even information. Everyone who has understanding and ability to think about the current situation hates him. It’s a rare human who can learn from those who look at us with contempt and outrage. He’s stuck. I am convinced what he needs is someone who is able to think well, who has perspective and information and who can actually like him. The Dalai Lama? Thich Naht Hahn? The pope? [I think the pope might already be in the first category]. Any suggestions?