how we got the “plastic hurts” club started.

My granddaughter Kalle saw the movie “Bag It” in July. She was so unhappy about the birds and turtles dying from ingesting the plastic, she wanted to do something about it. She asked her parents how can we stop this and they told her that the government needed to change the laws. She dictated a letter to her mom, “Dear Government, There is too much plastic in the ocean…” but didn’t know how to go further than that.

I decided I wanted to help her with this and asked if she’d like to start a club. She was enthusiastic and we invited a few friends. I asked Ana, age 13, to be secretary and supplied her with a blank book and pen. After a bit of chaos, Ana asked me to help. So I asked, “What’s the problem?” inviting the youngest children to speak first. They spoke, Ana wrote. Then I asked, “What do we need to do?” and they went around again. Everyone had a lot to say, including Flossie saying we should never bring balloons to the beach because they can fly into the ocean.

We decided to give the letter to the mayor and did so. Now we are trying to make 20 cloth bags to sell to raise the money to join Roots and Shoots, Jane Goodall’s network of children’s clubs.


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