activist children

My 5-year-old granddaughter saw a video about the amount of plastic floating in the ocean [equivalent to the state of Texas?] and its effect on animals –who sometimes mistaking them for food, eat them and sicken.  She felt very worried and decided to form a club.  I heard about it while I was visiting my youngest daughter in Seattle.  She and her 4-year-old cousin began a letter [Dear government….] but couldn’t get much past that.

Her third meeting yesterday included another 5-year-old and two older children, 9 and 13.  The 13-year-old was secretary.  I helped by saying, Well what’s the problem, giving each child a chance to state the problem. [“All the plastic in the ocean looks like jellyfish to turtles.”  “When people let go of helium balloons, it can pop over the ocean and kill the animals.”  ]

and the solutions, “Plastic bags should be re-used.”  “Ithaca should ban the use of plastic bags.  We should bring our own cloth bags.  In Seattle, people have to pay a nickel for a plastic bag.”  “We want there to be no plastic in the world.”

Each child got to have her say, be an activist,  and get the letter done.


One thought on “activist children

  1. It’s great that the adults in these children’s lives are supporting their activism, helping them take age appropriate steps and supporting their concerns.
    Feeling part of a bigger movement can help too. There are some organizations they could join to participate in letter writing actions – sending emails or other campaigns.
    Local action like cleaning up the trash around waterways might be meaningful too. [Though now that I think of it, your lovely granddaughter has already done that with her mom and friends, perhaps setting the stage for her activism by giving her a sense of her own efficacy. Such an important part of developing into a healthy adult!]

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