traveling with children

this is from hand in hand parenting and such useful–and totally un-conventional wisdom-ful–advice.


One thought on “traveling with children

  1. I read an article in the New Yorker today about how much children need meaningful responsibilities for themselves and for the household, in order to grow up to be capable people. My thoughts on reading this blog post and that article – we need to support emotionally by allowing our children their feelings and not removing ourselves from that, but also giving them meaningful opportunities for engaging in meaningful work in the household from an early age. A guest in my house observed my then three year old granddaughter eagerly helping around the house, and commented that she didn’t think that happened in her family when she was little. She never remembered being that interested in working alongside her family members. When our children feel more capable, I think they develop more strengths to draw on when they are in challenging situations.

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