Some thoughts about parenting

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Most everyone agrees that we are responsible for the well-being of our family.  Very few people would allow their mom or dad, sister or brother, much less their children suffer if they had the wherewithal to help.

Our social system has developed over the millennium to expand our sense of family.  The idea that our family is all humankind is gaining some currency from a theoretical perspective.  Our task now is to raise children who can think well, most importantly, about their own family, but also about all people.  We can’t really parent our children & grandchildren well without taking into account the big picture.

Our children & grandchildren need to see us thinking about, loving, and acting in ways that pulls us toward a world in which children [and adults] are no longer hurt.

Some of us often feel pulled to blame the families that, for economic or other reasons, are not able to provide the resources, the health care, the education, the time that others are able to provide.  If we could instead, put our energy into insuring that every family has those resources, we’d go a long way to creating the world we want.


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